Solar Resource Assessment and Economics

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Are you interested in Solar Energy? Solar Resource Assessment and Economics explores the methods, economic criteria, and meteorological background for assessing the solar resource with respect to project development of solar energy conversion systems for stakeholders in a given locale. It provides students with an in-depth exploration of the physical qualities of the solar resource, estimation of the fractional contributions of irradiance to total demand, and economic assessment of the solar resource. The course utilizes real data sets and resources to provide students context for the drivers, frameworks, and requirements of solar energy evaluation.

This course is part of the following programs: Graduate Certificate in Solar Energy (RESS), RESS Solar Energy Option, Master's Degree in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Systems, RESS Bioenergy Certificate, RESS Wind Energy Certificate, Graduate Certificate in Sustainability Management and Policy (RESS), RESS Bioenergy Option, RESS Sustainability Management Option, and RESS Wind Energy Option.

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