Geo-Resource Evaluation and Investment Analysis

Geo-Resource Evaluation and Investment Analysis

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We often face investment decisions, whether in our personal lives or our jobs. Investment projects involve payments at different times in a project's life. Capital costs are usually paid at early stages, but revenue is generated in the future. Time affects the value of money, and these values can't be compared directly. In EME 460, Geo-Resources Evaluation and Investment Analysis, we will learn methods to evaluate investment projects. The objective of the course is to ensure students learn the techniques used in geo-resource project evaluation, cash flow, net present value, and rate of return analysis; benefit cost ratio and payback period; interest rate and break even calculations; tax considerations, mutually exclusive projects evaluation, uncertainty and risks, depreciation, and loan calculations.

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EME 460


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Farid Tayari

Farid Tayari

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I have years of research and work experience in economic assessment of energy projects, especially in the field of oil, gas, and renewables. I'm also experienced in energy economics, policy analysis, mathematical modeling, quantitative simulation, and programming.

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