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Have you seen a Clean Coal baseball cap? In the challenge to meet soaring energy demand with limited resources, volatile issues like those related to the environment, national security and public health are often addressed outside of normal market transactions and are called externalities, or nonmarket factors. Stakeholders can act in resourceful ways to create a nonmarket environment that best serves their interest. A firm may challenge a law that makes it expensive or difficult to do business or compete with others, for example. An individual may organize a boycott of products or services that violate the individual's interests or principles--hey, don't buy from them! Nonmarket strategy in the energy sector is the subject of this engaging course.

This resource is part of the following programs: Bachelor of Arts in Energy and Sustainability Policy, Bachelor of Science in Energy and Sustainability Policy, Energy, Business, and Finance Minor, Master's Degree in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Systems, RESS Solar Energy Option, and RESS Sustainability Management Option.

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Vera Cole

Hi! My name is Vera Cole, and I'm fascinated by energy--the science, the industry, the economics, the socio-implications, and the magic of energy in its many forms and transformations. I also believe this is a topic of immense importance at this point in world history--in terms of the environment, security and freedom, and economic stability. We need strong balanced policy, supported by informed voters. I hope this course adds to our collective working knowledge.