Ed Pinero

Photograph of author Ed Pinero


I live in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, although am originally from New York City, with stints in various other states. I am a geologist and earth scientist by Education, but my background is in a wide variety of topics in the areas of sustainability and environmental science. This ranges from my early days as an oil and gas exploration and production geologist, to various times as a consultant to the private and public sector on many aspects of sustainability and environment.

In the realm of energy- I have had many diverse roles dealing with energy best practices, the business case for energy management, and policy development. I was the State Energy Director for Pennsylvania, as well as the Federal Sustainability Officer, which included overseeing various energy-related activities throughout all Federal agencies and facilities.

I am also a hobbyist in astronomy, and since 2001, I have served as a NASA Solar System Ambassador, helping promote awareness and understanding of NASA's planetary exploration program.