Graduate Certificate in Geodesign

Geodesign weds the analytical power of GIS with a robust design process to ensure land use design and planning that is socially, environmentally, and economically responsible. Offered wholly online through Penn State World Campus, the 14-credit Graduate Certificate in Geodesign prepares you to become a leader in assessing the impact of design options on people and the environment. The Geodesign Certificate comprises the first part of the MPS in Geodesign. Many have started with the Certificate and then applied for the MPS via a streamlined admissions process.

man pointing to a computer monitor. Three people sitting at a table looking at him.

Photo credit:  Filip Linders, MSF/Doctors Without Borders/Swedish Innovation Unit (used with permission)

Resource Description

Do you believe that we can be more creative in planning our communities and protecting environments for a sustainable future? Would you like to learn a method to make a difference? One that empowers stakeholders and reduces conflict? Geodesign delivers creative solutions for environmental, economic, and social issues. This method works collaboratively across disciplines, deploying innovative technology to dynamically illustrate the impacts of alternative design scenarios.