Geospatial Technology Project Management

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In GEOG 871, we'll take a critical look at geospatial project management. Project management is a broad discipline that encompasses technical methods such as system design and analysis and also interpersonal factors that affect professional relationships. Project management is also a discipline that has matured outside of, but can be incorporated into, geospatial technology. By the end of this course, you'll have devised a project plan from a scenario built upon a real-life project involving the city of Metropolis geodatabase. We'll work through each of the components in an organized and logical manner and will incorporate constructive peer review to help everyone achieve the best product possible.

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GEOG 871


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Pete Croswell

Photograph of Pete Croswell

My name is Pete Croswell and I'm writing from Frankfort, Kentucky. I have a BA degree in Geography (with minor in Math) from the State University of New York (SUNY) Albany and Master's degree from Western Illinois University (Geography/Geology). Those degrees came before anyone was using the term "GIS" but my background in cartography, remote sensing, geomorphology, and computer science gave me a nice foundation to move into the new field of GIS in the late 1970s. I also have a more recently completed (2009) IT systems administration and management certificate from the University of Louisville. After finishing up my Master's program at WIU, I began my career working as an analyst and then manager of an early GIS program in the State of Kentucky (Natural Resources Cabinet).

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Pat Kennelly

Pat Kennelly

A little about my background. I have a bachelor's degree in geology, a master's degree in geophysics, and a Ph.D. in geography. Additionally, I have twelve years of work experience in industry, state government, and consulting. Five of those years I was a GIS manager or project manager. I am currently a Professor of Geography at Long Island University in New York and a Visiting Professor of Geography at Penn State University.

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