Environmental Challenges in Spatial Data Science

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Increasingly volatile climate and weather; vulnerable drinking water supplies; shrinking wildlife habitats; widespread deforestation due to energy and food production. These are examples of environmental challenges that are of critical importance in our world, both in far away places and close to home, and are particularly well suited to inquiry using geographic information systems. In GEOG 487 you will explore topics like these and learn about data and spatial analysis techniques commonly employed in environmental applications. After taking this course you will be equipped with relevant analytical approaches and tools that you can readily apply to your own environmental contexts.

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GEOG 487


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Michelle Zeiders

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I am a Senior Lecturer and have been teaching for the Penn State Online Geospatial Program since 2006. In addition to teaching courses for the Dutton e-Education Institute, I have taught and worked on research projects for the Geographic Information Analysis (GIA) Core at the Penn State Social Science Research Institute. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration and a Master of Science degree in Geoenvironmental Studies from Shippensburg University. Before coming to Penn State, I worked as a GIS Project Manager and Instructor for the Institute for Transportation Research and Education at North Carolina State University, a GIS Project Manager at a civil engineering firm in Lancaster, PA and a GIS Engineer at Mapquest.

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