Anthony Robinson


Hello! I'm Anthony Robinson. I serve as the Director for our Online Geospatial Education programs here at Penn State, and I split my time between research with the GeoVISTA Center and online education for the John A. Dutton e-Education Institute. My research work focuses closely on design issues with GIS and Geovisualization. I work with end-users and developers alike to help shape new tools and systems for a variety of application areas. I conduct experiments with users to develop design guidelines and to evaluate prototype tools. I also develop design proposals for new systems. Since I started working at Penn State in 2003 I have worked on projects for epidemiology, crisis management, and intelligence analysis domains. My research portfolio is available if you'd like to see some examples. I have a very strong passion for cartography, and I teach resident courses in cartographic design in addition to classes for the Dutton Institute. The thing that swayed me to Geography early on in my undergraduate education was a really wonderful cartographic design course taught by Fritz Kessler at Frostburg State University. Outside of work, I've got plenty to keep me busy. My wife and I have a daughter who likes to break everything in our house. I have a problem collecting hobbies. Among other things, I travel as much as possible, I'm a photographer, I have a home studio where I record guitar and drums, I love cooking, I am an airline fanatic, and I always want to go fishing.

Course Spotlight

pile of maps

Cartography and Visualization (GEOG 486) covers design principles and techniques for creating maps with contemporary mapping tools. Students will be introduced to future-focused application topics such as augmented and virtual reality, mapping with multivariate glyphs, the visual depiction of uncertainty, interactive geovisualization, and (geo)visual analytics, and decision-making with maps and mapping products. Visit the course.

Faculty Spotlight

Maria Wherley

Maria Scalzi Wherley (she, her) is a Learning Designer and Writer-in-Residence with the John A. Dutton e-Education Institute at Penn State. She has more than 20 years of teaching experience. Learn more about Maria to see what she has to say about online education.