Qassim Abdullah


Dr. Qassim Abdullah is an accomplished scientist with more than 35 years of combined industrial, research and development, and academic experience in analytical photogrammetry, digital remote sensing, and civil and surveying engineering. Over the course of his career, Dr. Abdullah has contributed significantly toward the advancement of digital aerial imagery and LiDAR acquisition, and production processes. Among his accomplishments, Dr. Abdullah participated in the development of proprietary software applications for use in digital orthophotography and DEM production; he also participated in the development and integration of metric digital aerial cameras for rapid image acquisition; airborne GPS into conventional aerotriangulation adjustments; inertial navigation systems and GPS technology for position and orientation measurement; and LiDAR data acquisition. Most recently, Dr. Abdullah is leading Woolpert efforts in deploying its unmanned aerial system (UAS) for standard mapping process. A civil engineer, ASPRS certified photogrammetrist, and professional surveyor in four states, Dr. Abdullah currently serves as senior geospatial scientist responsible for designing and managing strategic programs to develop and implement new remote sensing technologies that allow Woolpert to meet the evolving needs of geospatial users. Before joining Woolpert, Dr. Abdullah was instrumental in streamlining Fugro EarthData's photogrammetric mapping processes, and most recently, has been leading the technology transfer for using Woolpert unmanned system (UAS) for standard mapping process. Dr. Abdullah obtained his bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the University of Basra in Iraq, and his master and doctorate degrees in Photogrammetry from the civil engineering department at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is affiliated with a number of national and international professional societies, is a published author of over 50 technical papers and reports, and is a sought-after professional speaker and educator. Besides publishing the monthly column Mapping Matters, which appears in the ASPRS journal PE&RS, he is involved in several national committees and participates in discussions regarding the industry and technology forecast, future technologies, process improvement of LiDAR and digital photogrammetry, and accuracy standards. Dr. Abdullah is also an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Shady Grove Campus teaching a graduate course on Photogrammetry and GIS. In 2010 Dr. Abdullah was awarded the prestigious Fairchild photogrammetric award by the American Society of photogrammetry and remote sensing.