David Bice


Dave Bice grew up in Minnesota back when there were real winters. EHe received a BA in Geology at Carleton College, also in Minnesota, but then moved out west to work for the US Geological Survey, studying Mt. St. Helens, where he learned what geothermal heat is all about. He then moved down the coast to Berkeley, California for his Ph.D., which involved extensive field work on the stratigraphy, structure, and tectonics of the Northern Apennines mountains in Italy. After completing his Ph.D., he took a faculty position at Carleton College, where he spent the next 15 years teaching and doing research that drifted from paleomagnetism and stratigraphy to asteroid impacts and eventually to paleoclimate. During this time, he co-founded a geological observatory in a tiny village in the Apennines of Italy; this observatory has grown into a center for teaching and research drawing geoscientists from around the globe. In 2004, Bice moved to Penn State, drawn by the excitement created by so many bright colleagues. He continues to teach field geology courses in Italy and the US along with classes in geodynamics and earth systems modeling. Bice is married to another professor; they have two kids, both of whom are budding geoscientists. Dave's pastimes include cooking, foraging for wild foods, hiking, biking, and skiing.