Mark Fedkin


The main areas of my professional interest are renewable energy and environmental sustainability. I received my Ph.D. in Geo-Environmental Engineering from Penn State University in 2003. Over the past ten years, I worked for the Earth and Mineral Sciences Energy Institute at Penn State doing research on a variety of renewable energy technologies, especially electrochemical energy systems D fuel cells, electrolyzers, and electrochemical sensors. In my studies I was particularly focused on energy conversion mechanisms that take place at the micro-, nano-, and atomistic scale. At the same time, having a diverse *geo* background (I also have a BS in Geology), I have always been interested in global natural and anthropogenic processes, their trends and interactions in the planet history. I have been teaching and developing courses for RESS for years now and very much enjoy working with the diverse professional audience in this program. I highly appreciate all the life experience and passion RESS students and faculty have for renewable energy and innovation. At Penn State, I have taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses, all of which in one way or another explore the roots and components of global energy sustainability.