Dr. McCune Bruhn is an Assistant Teaching Professor. An artist and teacher from a family of artists and teachers, she earned BFAs in both Printmaking and Art History from Virginia Commonwealth University (1993) before coming to Penn State for her MA (1997) and Ph.D. (2006) in Art History. Her Fulbright-funded thesis research in Germany on Late Gothic monstrances addressed issues of patronage and value, materials and methods, and liturgical function. She addresses similar themes in her teaching, both in basic surveys and in her specialty, medieval art. Her current research into materials and techniques reflects her background as a practicing artist and her ongoing investigation into materials, methods, and workshop practice. In 2006, Dr. McCune Bruhn began to develop online art history courses at Penn State. These include online versions of the western survey courses Art H 111 and 112, and a new interdomain course, Art H/Geosci 107 (Rocks, Minerals, and the History of Art, developed with Dr. Maureen Feinemann in Geosciences). Given her background in online learning, Dr. McCune Bruhn continues to investigate new ways to integrate technology into both her virtual and live classrooms.

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