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Maria Scalzi Wherley on teaching and OER

Writing, communicating, and reflecting are important learning activities that can be added to any course, and I've enjoyed working with others to produce adaptable materials that can be used by instructors and students everywhere. The fact that OERs allow for transformation, remixing, and building promotes the creation of multi-modal instruction and creative assessment activities that benefit diverse populations of students. The more we can add to the pool of OER materials, the better for us all.

Maria's Biography

Maria Scalzi Wherley (she, her) is a Learning Designer and Writer-in-Residence with the John A. Dutton e-Education Institute at Penn State and serves as a writing tutor to online students. Her research interests relate to writing and science communication and to learning science. She has twenty years of teaching experience, serving a wide variety of learners a diverse range of subjects. She has also worked at the state level to design curriculum for public schools. Maria holds an M. Ed. In Curriculum and Instruction from Penn State University. She is happily married with two grown sons, is an avid cyclist, and takes refuge in music and the outdoors.

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