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Increasingly volatile climate and weather; vulnerable drinking water supplies; shrinking wildlife habitats; widespread deforestation due to energy and food production. These are examples of environmental challenges that are of critical importance in our world, both in far away places and close to home, and are particularly well suited to inquiry using geographic information systems. In GEOG 487 you will explore topics like these and learn about data and spatial analysis techniques commonly employed in environmental applications. After taking this course you will be equipped with relevant analytical approaches and tools that you can readily apply to your own environmental contexts.

This resource is part of the following programs: Master of Education in Earth Sciences, Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems, Masters of Geographic Information Systems, Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security, and Master of Science In Spatial Data Science.

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GEOG 487



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Rachel Kornak

Rachel Kornak teaches GEOG 487: Environmental Applications of GIS. She is based at the University of Michigan, where she is a GIS/database manager. She previously worked in environmental consulting and land use planning, and has designed a GIS property management system that won the 2007 IMAGIN GIS for Everyone Award. Kornak completed a bachelor's degree in environmental geology, a bachelor's degree in Spanish, and a master's degree in environmental science at the University of Michigan She also completed a certificate in GIS at Penn State and is a certified GISP.

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