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Sustainability denotes one of the main future challenges of societies and the global community. Issues of sustainability range from energy and natural resources to biodiversity loss and global climate change. Properly dealing with these issues will be crucial to future societal and economic development. This course provides the theoretical background for the discussion and analysis of sustainability issues. Students will recognize specific sustainability issues, such as sustainable energy, as part of a more complex challenge of developing sustainable societies and systems, and against the background of the general meaning and implications of the conception of sustainability.

This resource is part of the following programs: Graduate Certificate in Solar Energy (RESS), Graduate Certificate in Sustainability Management and Policy (RESS), and Master's Degree in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Systems.

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EME 504



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Neyda Abreu

My undergraduate degrees are in Physics and Astronomy. My Master and Doctoral degrees are in Earth and Planetary Sciences. Basically, I am a Mineralogist and Geochemist who loves Math and Chemistry. My research work spans the breadth of the Solar System. You may wonder how that relates to Sustainability... Space is where the future of resource exploration lies and where we have the very real choice of extending either our best or our worst resource stewardship practices. Some of my colleagues call Lunar 3He "the Persian Gulf" of the 21st century. I am actively involved in making sure this is not so.