Rob Brooks

Rob Brooks


As Professor of Geography and Ecology in the Department of Geography at the Pennsylvania State University, and Director and Founder of Riparia, a Center where science informs policy and practice, I have worked in wetlands science and wildlife ecology for over 30 years, developing a widely recognized and integrated program of education, research and outreach.

I have taught over a dozen different undergraduate wildlife courses and graduate courses in the ecology and management of wetlands, physical geography, field geography, wildlife management and conservation, and restoration ecology. Since 1978, I have published over 125 technical papers, books, and book chapters and presented over 165 technical presentations at conferences and meetings. I have been the senior principal investigator on over 100 grants and contracts totaling nearly $30M.

I have served as the Director of several interdisciplinary and multi-institutional research projects, including the Atlantic Slope Consortium, Watershed Characterization and Prioritization, Bog Turtle Habitat Conservation Plan, and Best Management Practices for Agricultural Watersheds. I attend 3-4 national and regional wetlands meetings per year, and IÕm familiar with current federal and state regulations regarding the policy, protection, and mitigation of rivers and wetlands. I have worked with agencies, industries, plus schools and non-profit organizations.

As a member of the Otter Specialist Group of the IUCN, I help to protect otters and their aquatic habitats worldwide. I have been a consultant and collaborator on wetlands for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency since 1987, and a member of the Mid-Atlantic Wetlands Working Group, sponsored by USEPA and the states. IÕm also a member of PennsylvaniaÕs DCNR Ecosystem Management Committee, the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Advisory Committee, and spent 16 years on a municipal planning commission. Currently, I serve as the Penn State Trustee for the Chesapeake Research Consortium, and was a member of the Louisiana Coastal Area Science Board.

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